August 18, 2020

Distance: 19 KM

Van Route: Kathmandu – Bhorletar , Lamjung

Hike Route: Bhorletar, Lamjung  -  Gilung Lamjung

Hike Date: 15th – 16th February, 2020 

Hike Duration: 10 hours 


We started our hike from Bhorletar; our journey was expected to be more than 6 hours. This was my second time hiking to Gilung and I was aware and prepared to ascend the steep uphill paths. 


After an hour of hiking from Bhorletar and crossing a river through bamboo bridges and skipping some stones, we reached Laxmi Bazar. The hike till there was pleasant until we reached this place as the steep uphill path had begun which we ascended for about 2 hours and reached Daduwa village. The uphill paths were so steep that it challenged everyone. Gilung village was now 1.5 hours away from Daduwa. 


As we reached Gilung, we were greeted by the villagers at the entrance. They welcomed us with garlands of flowers and warm smiles. After dinner, we had a campfire where we played some games such as "Mafia" and "Dumb charades" until we surprised Lijala with a small pre-birthday celebration at Gilung! Everyone was delighted by it.



The next day, we roamed around exploring the village; we also visited Gilung Devi temple, and open grounds which were used for paragliding as well as for local village events, these were some center of attractions of Gilung.




Day 1 

6:30 AM - Drive to Bhorletar 

12:30 PM - Reach Bhorletar and ate Lunch 

1:30 PM - Started Hike 

2:30 PM - Reached Laxmi Bazaar 

5:00 PM - Reached Daduwa and ate Snacks 

7:30 PM - Reached Gilung 


Day 2 

7:00 AM - Visit around Gilung Village and Gilung Devi Mandir 

8:00 AM - Ate Breakfast 

10:00 AM - Return hike towards Kathmandu 

3:00 PM - Reached Bhorletar and ate Lunch 

10:00 PM - Reached Kathmandu 


Budget: Max 2K to 3K per person.  



Bhorletar - Min Bahadur - Sunrise Hotel - 9856060521

Gilung - Shiva Gurung - Gilung Homestay - 9815176949

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