Sindhuli Gadhi Visit / Hike

July 30, 2020

Sindhuli Gadhi Visit / Hike
Distance: 8 KM

Vehicle Route: Kathmandu – Sindhuli – Sindhuli Gadhi Gate
Hike Route: Sindhuli Gadhi Gate - Sindhuli Gadhi
Hike Date: December 7, 2019
Hike Duration: 2 hours

My first ever hike with COTIVITI family; call it my luck or something else, but my first hike with Cotiviti family turned out to be one of the best hikes I have ever been to.

Starting with, I did not know much about Sindhuli Gadhi’s history, so I had taken some time to research about it. If you want to know about this place, please google it.

Interestingly, our journey started with fear. On the day of our hike, few lanes were to be closed for SAG 2019 and we were supposed to beat the traffic on time. We were all worried thinking about getting stuck in the traffic. However, special thanks to our coordinator for informing us about this condition, this way we planned on starting our trip a bit early than usual.

Most of my hike-mates were to start their journey from the office. All the members reached the office by 6:15 AM, got in the office van, and started the trip at 6:30 AM. I got on the van from Tinkune at around 6:45 AM, then we picked up Binit KC from Jadibuti and Jasmin Tiwari from Kaushaltar. Surprisingly, all of us were on time and we did not get stuck in the traffic, which was a positive start to our journey.

At around 7:30 AM, we reached Dhulikhel where we had our breakfast. On such chilling weather, a hot cup of tea and hot tasty ‘Sel’ was the best choice for breakfast, followed by boiled eggs and chickpeas. After a nice breakfast, we continued our journey. Twisted roads, appealing views, and conflict of which genre of music should be played, made this ride even more interesting.

Our vehicle stopped at a point and we realized we had reached our destination – Sindhuli. We were so much involved in the music and the views that we forgot to stop for lunch. However, we were not so upset maybe because of reaching our destination after a long road trip made us forget our hunger, or, it may also be because of the heavy breakfast we had in the morning.

After getting out of our office van, we hiked for around 2 hours. The first thing we saw on our right was ruins of a building which was labeled as “Court/Jail”. Then we visited Thulo Gadhi; the view from there was mesmerizing. After physically being there we could relate how our ancestors defeated our enemies. After exploring and taking some pictures, we headed to Sano Gadhi which was a bit smaller in the area compared to Thulo Gadhi (the names define it too). There is not much left in these two Gadhis except for some leftover ruins and flags of Nepal. Also, there was a huge well located in Thulo Gadhi where the soldiers back then used to store water to drink during wars. According to the information on board we found there, it said that the government has planned to reconstruct everything just like how it used to be before it got ruined. Lila dai also explained to us how our ancestors threw stones over honey hives from where the honeybees stung the English men and could not reach Sano Gadhi, they even threw stones on the English men from Thulo Gadhi. Lastly, we marched our way to Tudikhel where we continued our exploration. It is a lot smaller than the Tudikhel we have in Kathmandu.

At around 1:30 PM, we started to descend back to Sindhuli, where our van was parked. We bought some oranges there as Sindhuli is also popular for oranges. We reached Khurkot at 2 pm and had our lunch. After a tasty lunch, we went to Sunkoshi beach, where we played in the river, clicked some pictures, and enjoyed those captivating views. After spending an hour on the beach, we were ready to head back to Kathmandu.

On our way back, we all started to get hungry and we wanted to grab some snacks and tea. As recommended by Sudeep Sharma, we went to a place in Dhulikhel for tea and snacks. Throughout the trip, he kept on praising about the tea served by that place. He said, and I quote, “I know a place that serves the best tea.” One small slurp of tea and we realized that listening to Sudeep’s suggestions was a big mistake. Next time if he suggests you a good place to drink tea, tell him “Ghar ma dhalan cha” and run as fast as you can. Thank me later. I am just kidding; he knows a lot of great places in and out of the valley that serves great tea. It just turned out to be the only bad moment of the day. Maybe because our day was so good that even a good tea tasted so bad. But we still blame Sudeep for recommending such a place.  We reached the office at around 7:30 PM and we were all back home safely on time.

Jokes apart, this was a day well spent. Thanks to our coordinator and all the members for making this trip wonderful. Also, special thanks from my side to all the members for helping me blend in, and making my first hike trip with Cotiviti family a memorable one!

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