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Not all those who wander are lost

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do rather than the ones you did.

Hi, I’m Sumit Shrestha, and am obsessed with exploring new places whenever possible. I love meeting new people and getting memories captured along my journey.

I started traveling since November 2018 with no bucketlist and no end date, as I believe it's all abut the memories, the hard climb, laughter and tears, the excitement and frustrations, and the real adventures that fulfills our lives. Since the day I started travelling, I met many diverse people with different inspiring prespectives across the country.

Besides, apart of being a traveler, I love the idea of sports (football and basketball being my favorite), I enjoy playing guitar, and am also a foodie.

Even though things are difficult, your life matters. You're shining light in a dark world, Just hold on.

If you want to post any TRAVEL STORIES or BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS or YOUR CREATIVE WORKS , then simply message me at summitshrestha8@gmail.com

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